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Born in Luxembourg, Marco Serafini worked as a film critic for various daily newspapers and trade journals. He studied at the University of Television and Film in Munich, worked as a script supervisor, unit and production manager, and directed more than 150 films, amongst which various successful series like Schwarz Rot Gold, Polizeiruf 110 or Commissar Rex.


‘’The Toy Gun is a piece of myself: it tells the passionate love story of a humble gentleman, who causes spectacular damage and comical situations in a thrilling and heart-breaking fable. This is what my cinema is about, the cinema that defines my life: flamboyant, rapidly moving, magic, humorous, touching, full of breath-taking classic photography and interesting characters that I meet everyday in both movies and real life.

I am the co-writer and the director of this movie, and thanks to my producer Jesus Gonzalez, I have practically the freedom to be the filmmaker, making a film in the old tradition of cinéma d’auteur. 


The Toy Gun is a gangster comedy, funny and ironic. The characters are serious and have a strong sense of belief in themselves, and what they are doing: whether it be robbing, loving, investing. We have great actors and a first class team, including Blasco Giurato, the Director of Photography of Cinema Paradiso, A Pure Formality, The Game Bag.


The fact that cinematography is taking place in Luxembourg and in Belgium is another highlight, so that I can combine Antwerp and Luxembourg to one mystic city that becomes the unknown location of the movie.‘’   


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